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Mike's Other Services

While the majority of Mike's clients are for Smoking Cessation, over the years, many satisfied clients have returned with other issues that they needed resolution with.

Their thinking is as follows: "If you can solve this major smoking problem, perhaps you can help me with other issues in my life too!"  Indeed Mike can.

Mike's unique custom-tailored approach can help you improve any area of your life.

The areas that Mike can help you with are virtually endless. They include:

  • public speaking
  • weight loss
  • incessant worry
  • chronic stress 
  • fear of heights
  • memory issues
  • anxiety
  • sports performance
  • sales effectiveness
  • writer's block
  • problem solving
  • time management
  • accelerated learning
  • driving confidence
  • overeating
  • healthy diet motivation
  • fitness motivation
  • better sleep
  • more energy
  • creativity / innovation
  • etc..
Unfortunately, the list is too exhaustive to show here.

Whatever life issue is plaguing you, Mike can help you to resolve it.

Fill in the blanks (in your mind).

My problems is: (____________________) 

The ideal outcome that I am looking for is:

By harnessing the incredible power of your subconscious mind, decades-long issues can be resolved in just a few short sessions.

Not sure if your issue is solvable? No worries, give me a call and we'll discuss it. Unfortunately, I'm not a miracle worker, so yes, there will be some things I cannot help you with. For instance, if you suffer from any form of mental illness, you are best to see a licensed mental health professional. 

Anything other than mental illness, Mike is most likely able to assist. Really!

Want to improve your studies? Your golf game? Your sales quota? Maybe you own a small business and need to be resourceful in areas that you find intimidating or stressful. 

Got some issues you'd like to see resolved?  Give Mike a call. A no-charge consultation is available to you now.

All issues require a 3-sessions approach. The program is very similar to our stop smoking program.  

Session # 1: A one hour assessment followed by a hypnosis session to prepare your mind for positive change.  

Session # 2: A custom-tailored hypnosis is given that will resolve the issues that were identified in your session 1 assessment.

Session # 3: A review of the success & progress are identified. Your feedback will determine if some "tweaking" is necessary. A skilled and highly customized hypnosis "tweaking" is created while you wait and is delivered within minutes of its creation. 

At the client's discretion, the program ends there to your satisfaction. In most cases 3 sessions does the job just fine.

Sometimes, other sessions can be scheduled based on additional related needs that we've jointly identified. I can advise, but in the end, you are in control of the pace and depth in which you want to pursue the changes in your life.

The fee structure:
My fee structure is the same as my stop smoking 3-session program.  
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Hypnosis helps you focus. While in hypnosis, we activate your Reticular Activating System directly. No need for conscious willpower to change - which is cumbersome and very slow. 

Accelerated change is what hypnosis is all about!


Reticular Activating System - video 3 min. 26 sec. 
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