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Mike Proulx
(former heavy smoker)
is Ottawa's Only

Stop Smoking 

Success Rate!

Sessions are 
Custom-Tailored to 
(based on in-depth assessment)

Be aware that the majority 
of  hypnotists are GENERALISTS  
(they are NOT specialists) 
They DO NOT custom-tailor the
sessions to you, because most lack
 the specialized Smoking Cessation
knowledge & skills to do so. 
Instead, they turn to pre-made,
off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all scripts.
Which accounts for their poor results
with smoking cessation hypnosis.

When results are a Must,
Trust a specialist.

Half Price Special
Now in effect!*
*for a limited time.
Skeptical or fearful of hypnosis? 
Not sure if you can be hypnotized? 
  Why Laser, Patch, Gum, 
Inhaler & Prescription Drugs don't work!
Watch this video and find out more about the hypnosis profession and why our Specialized program is far superior to Laser & Nicotine Replacement Therapy (Patch, Gum, Inhalers).
   Prefer reading? 
Our 3-session program explained.
Mike Proulx 
Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist
“When I called to inquire, Mike appeared very knowledgeable and was disarmingly friendly. He listened intently to my needs and concerns and asked a lot of really good questions. It was a very comfortable and uplifting call. I just knew I could work with him.” The above is a composite response to our in-house questionnaire “Why did you choose Mike Proulx for hypnosis services?”
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 When results are a Must, Trust, a specialist!
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