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In-Person Sessions: When you call & schedule your first session, Mike will send you an email confirming your appointment. In the body of the email you will receive 1) info on how to prepare for your first session and 2) PDF map with the exact address. When you reply to this email your appointment is now confirmed.  

Online/phone sessions: Same as above (different preparations), no PDF map.
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What people are saying!
“When I called to inquire, Mike appeared very knowledgeable and was disarmingly friendly. He listened intently to my needs and concerns and asked a lot of really good questions. It was a very comfortable and uplifting call. I just knew I could work with him.” The above is a composite response to our in-house questionnaire “Why did you choose Mike Proulx for hypnosis services?”
Proximity should never 
be your primary reason
 for choosing a hypnotist. 

Better to choose a specialist with a high success rate, than a generalist with a low success rate (who happens to operate closer to you).

Because Mike Proulx is the only STOP SMOKING SPECIALIST in the greater Ottawa region, he has clients come from great distances such as:

Montreal, Shawville, Kingston, Cornwall, Pembrook, Brockville, Hawksbury, Rockland, Kemptville, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, Lanark, Buckingham & more. 

** If driving longer distances is a problem for you, you may wish to consider Live Online/Phone Sessions. 

Click here for details - Live Online Sessions 
  New Ottawa Location!
In-person sessions: 
Ottawa, Ontario.

Online & phone sessions: 
Canada Wide.
Live In-Person VS Live Online/Phone. Which is more effective? 
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