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Laser Therapy
Procedure Explained
A quick Google search reveals that a laser treatment is a non-medical intervention that works by stimulating the functioning of your Liver, resulting in the easing of your tobacco withdrawal symptoms.** 
** Let’s be clear about what they are saying here. Withdrawals are physical manifestations. Laser deals exclusively with the physical. There are many highly effective natural ways to ease your tobacco withdrawal symptoms that cost you no money or a tiny fraction of what laser charges (More on this later). 

Furthermore, the laser does not deal with the mental and emotional components of habits. The laser only provides a part of the solution and not the whole answer, which accounts for its less than stellar results.
Independent Research
Dr. White is a research fellow at Peninsula Medical School in the UK who co-authored a review of laser therapy and similar smoking cessation methods for the Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization that evaluates medical research. 
“In scientific terms, this Cochrane Collaboration study specifically states that there is insufficient evidence to recommend laser for smoking cessation,” 
Dr. Adrian White.
Laser therapy is Big Busine$$ all across North America. Their frequent TV, radio and online advertising is a clue to their highly profitable business model. And any research studies they provide to consumers are likely paid for by them, and therefore their conclusions are highly biased & suspect. 
What the majority of our hypnosis clients say about Laser: "I tried it. It did not work for me." And just as many say: "It worked a few days, and I started smoking again". 

Neuroscience Fact: Laser does not address the scientific fact that all habits reside in the subconscious mind. To stop the habit you must go where it resides, the subconscious mind. Hypnosis removes the habit from your subconscious mind!
is all about breaking mental and emotional habits in the subconscious mind, where all habits reside.
Mike Proulx is a Certified Hypnotherapist
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 How N.R.T. works
N=Nicotine   R=Replacement   T=Therapy
Nicotine patch
 Gum, Lozenges & Inhaler.
A quick Google search reveals that N.R.T. works by replacing some of the nicotine typically provided from smoking cigarettes, which binds to nicotinic receptors in the brain linked to pleasure and reward. 

As a result: (1) they reduce craving and withdrawal symptoms, (2) leaving the smoker free to concentrate on breaking the ritual of smoking. 
Let's unpack this. 
(1) they reduce craving and withdrawal symptoms.  

There are many highly effective and natural ways to ease your tobacco cravings and withdrawal symptoms that cost you no money or a fraction of what N.R.T. charges (More on this later). Smoking is more than just a physical addiction; it is primarily a mental and emotional habit for which N.R.T. does not provide solutions for. 

(2) leaving the smoker free to concentrate on breaking the ritual of smoking.

They say in between the lines that you are now free to use your willpower to break the habit (ritual). However, they are not offering you practical solutions to do this. Everyone knows that breaking any habit with willpower is very hard to do. Hypnosis is about breaking mental and emotional habits (ritual) in the subconscious mind, where all habits reside.
Interesting Fact
Most of our clients have tried N.R.T., and many have reported that they continued to smoke while wearing the patch. The mental and emotional habit is still powerful, accounting for N.R.T.’s poor results.
Independent Study
Nicotine replacement therapies (N.R.T.) did not improve smokers' chances of long-term cessation in a study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the University of Massachusetts Boston. 
Hypnosis is all about breaking mental and emotional habits in the subconscious mind, where all habits reside.
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Mike Proulx - Hypnotherapist
Stop Smoking Specialist
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Psychoactive prescription drugs
  A dangerous option.
The desperation of some smokers is apparent when they are willing to try a medically prescribed psychoactive drug to reduce their cravings. Unfortunately, many do not know that these drugs were researched and developed specifically for the mentally ill. 

In its quest for even more profits, the powerful pharmaceutical industry has repurposed these drugs for smoking cessation. With a bit of detective work and diligence, you will find online evidence of suicidal tendencies from the consumption of these psychoactive drugs. ***Be forewarned! 

Smoking Cessation
 is a powerful
Laser therapy, N.R.T. & psychoactive drugs are Big Business. The pharmaceutical industry is a 2.3 billion-dollar-a-year industry. The favorable research findings they quote to consumers (research which they paid for) are all highly suspect.

The facts: They spend billions on advertising convincing you of the effectiveness of their products. It's a highly profitable business model based on repeat business. If their goal is to have you keep buying their products, doesn't that imply a large failure rate is built in to these products? 

A déjà vu of this strategy can be seen in the 1950s tobacco advertising campaigns. The big multi-billion-dollar tobacco industry had advertising claiming that tobacco was good for you. Repeat business was their primary motivation. Your health was their last concern. See an actual advertisement below. 

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Mike Proulx - Hypnotherapist
Stop Smoking Specialist
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Hypnosis Therapy
The major flaw in laser, N.R.T. and psychoactive drugs is that they do not address the mental & emotional aspects of habits. 

More than 80% of our hypnosis clients have experienced one or more of these methods with disastrous results, further contributing to their belief and discouragement, that quitting smoking is hard. 

Hypnosis is the only effective method to break habits of any kind. All habits reside in the subconscious mind (this is a known scientific fact in the field of psychology and neuroscience).

Our business model is simple. We get the job done. No need for repeat business here. You go through our program once and that's it. 

Choosing the right hypnotist
Let's be honest here. Not all hypnotists are created equal. Knowledge, skills, years of experience, and methods will vary greatly, and results will reflect this diverse reality. 

To get the absolute best results, take the time to understand (in layman’s terms) the profession and what to look for in the way of knowledge, skills, years of experience, and methods that the hypnotist provides. 

Empower yourself with a bird's eye view of the profession. A well informed decision is the best decision. For details click here.

A few words about 
withdrawals & detox 

As a stop smoking specialist, Mike Proulx has carefully crafted a science-based (easy-to-do, almost zero cost) protocol for dealing with physical withdrawals & detox. So why pay hundreds of dollars with laser & N.R.T. when you can experience much better results with Mike’s program. Included in his program is how to instantly boost your endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers (the cravings buster).

Why aren’t there research studies validating the effectiveness of hypnosis for stopping smoking?  

The answer is simple. Hypnosis is typically a one-person service and not a massive corporation with millions of dollars available for research. Therefore, such research is out of reach for individual hypnotists. 

There are some rare independent studies out there, but they are extremely difficult to find and they aren't credible from a scientific point of view. 

So, the best way to overcome this deficit of scientific research, is to use your best judgment. 

Credible & believable testimonials are an excellent means of assessing the effectiveness of hypnosis.

As mentioned above, the actual level of effectiveness will vary depending on the hypnotist's knowledge, skills, years of experience and methods used.

Mike Proulx is a Stop Smoking Specialist, and as such, his results far surpass the majority of hypnotists who are generalists. 

Mike typically achieves an incredible 90% success rate due to his 12+ years of experience & personal research & innovation in the field.

While some of our clients come from advertising, most are referred to us by satisfied clients. 

When results are a must, Trust, a Specialist.

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