Skeptical or fearful of hypnosis? 
Not sure if you can be hypnotized? 
Why Laser, Patch, Gum, 
Inhaler & Prescription Drugs don't work!
Our Specialized 
3-Session Program

A science-based approach!
Our unique and proprietary 3-session program is the result of over 12 years of research and innovation in the field by Mike Proulx, Certified Hypnotherapist.**

A unique science-based combination of:
1) Positive Psychology 
2) Detox Physiology 
3) Advanced Hypnosis Methods

** This unique science-based program is protected by copyright & service mark laws. No one else has this program. 
Your FIRST appointment (2 hours)
*** Preparing for Success! ***
Your first appointment is our opportunity to get acquainted and to assess your smoking habit/addiction and prepare you for positive change.

The first hour:

  • Questionnaire/assessment of your smoking habit.
  • In-depth explanation of your stop smoking program.
  • Explanation of easy-to-do assignments.
  • You receive a step-by-step Stop-Smoking Hypnosis guide.

The second hour:  You experience a deep trance hypnosis designed to reduce stress and prepare your mind for positive change. You don't quit smoking at this meeting. You will quit smoking at your second appointment. This session is to prepare you to quit. You will also receive a link to our hypnosis recording titled: 
"Preparing Yourself to Stop Smoking"
You listen to this recording daily between session one & session two.

Creating Your Custom 
Hypnosis Script
Behind the scenes, between your first and second appointment, the hypnotist will create a custom-tailored hypnosis script based on your in-depth assessment. The hypnotist creates a script that is precisely worded, calibrated, one that will be delivered with specialized hypnotic techniques - all designed for maximum results. 

This script will be used at your second appointment, where you will quit smoking. Please note, that few hypnotists produce custom scripts. Many don't have the specialized training and rely solely on generic off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all hypnosis scripts. For maximum results, a tailor-made approach is always best.
Your SECOND appointment (2 hours)
I am now a 
This appointment typically takes place one week after your first appointment. A custom-tailored hypnosis script was created based on your interview and assessment. Using this custom-tailored hypnosis script, the hypnotist puts you in a deep hypnotic trance and then infuses your subconscious mind with new attitudes and beliefs that you are now a healthy non-smoker. 
You now self identify as a healthy non-smoker. You see yourself as a non-smoker, and you feel like a non-smoker. And your behaviour reflects your inner reality. At the end of your session, you receive a link to our hypnosis reinforcement recording titled: 
"I am now a non-smoker" 
You listen to it daily until session 3.
* Please be aware that every client is different and some custom sessions may be shorter or longer in duration. 
Your THIRD appointment (2 hours)
Celebrate and Reinforce
Your Success!
This appointment typically takes place one week after your second appointment. You've been smoke-free now for several days.  You currently have the internal identity of a non-smoker. You now feel lighter, more confident with a keen sense of optimism. It's as if a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders. 

In this session, you experience a powerful Success Reinforcement Hypnosis!  We anchor your Non-Smoker identity firmly into your consciousness, making the change PERMANENT!

We also provide you with practical easy-to-follow advice for for the days, weeks and months ahead as you fully embrace your new healthier self. Celebrate your Success!

* Please be aware that every client is different and some custom sessions may be shorter or longer in duration. 

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