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Below are the terms & conditions of our 
50% discounted Hypnosis Program.

The actual market value for our 3-session program is $1,090 ($150 per hour), as described on our website: and shown above. To qualify for the Half Price offer of $545, you must attend all three sessions within 30 days. 

Should you cancel this 3-session program any time after you've attended your first session, this will result in reverting to our non-discounted price totaling $1,090, as shown above. A cancellation fee of $95 will apply regardless of when the notice of cancellation was made.

Example: In the event of cancellation, your attended first session cost will be Session One (2 hours) & Custom Script (1 hour) = 3 hours @ $150 per hour = $450 plus a $95 cancellation fee totaling $545 before taxes. Please note custom scripts are created within 24 hours of your first session. 

Credit, Debit, and PayPal chargebacks are prohibited without the prior written authorization of Mike Proulx. Unauthorized (unethical) chargebacks will be sent to a collection agency, and additional charges will apply. 

On a positive note... Mike Proulx, certified hypnotherapist, is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. The overwhelming majority of people just like you are excited and motivated to participate, are fully committed to this program, and are therefore unaffected and unconcerned by these cancellation costs. Thank you for your confidence and I look forward to working with you! :)

$545 + 13% tax
You agree to the terms & conditions listed above.