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Letting Go of The Past
All emotional burdens from your recent past and as far back as your early childhood need releasing and healing. Unconscious and conscious emotional hurts have accumulated over the years. Much like a recording on a loop, these trapped emotions have been playing in the background for years. We need to stop this unconscious cycle. 

Every time you listen to this recording, more past emotions are released, allowing for genuine healing to take place. Every time you listen to this recording, it is like peeling an onion one layer at a time. Profound mental, emotional, and physical healing is the result. This audio is a gentle, wholesome, and safe way to find and maintain mental, emotional, physical balance, and well-being.

Your mind and body have natural abilities to heal. For instance, when you cut yourself, your mind/body knows how to repair the cut instinctively. This innate healing power within you will naturally heal the mental, emotional and physical parts of you that need healing.

Hypnosis does not cure anything. Hypnosis triggers your subconscious mind to unleash its natural intuitive ability to heal.  

Listen to this every other day or as often as you can. Keep a daily journal to record your insights and revelations and positive outcomes. Sometimes nothing happens overtly, yet lots can be happening below your level of awareness. Other times, significant, observable changes do take place that you and others are a witness to. 

With each passing day, you will naturally become more aware of your progress.  As awareness of your successes expands, you become more and more positive and optimistic about your life. This outlook on life becomes habitual and draws more uplifting experiences to you. 

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