Phone/Online Session # 1
The first hour is instructional. 

It is still hypnosis - what we call conversational hypnosis. To insure you get the maximum benefits, it is very important that while the therapist is talking and referencing a specific portion of a text, that you focus on what he is saying and on the text he is referencing at that moment. NO peeking ahead to see what comes next. 

In other words, skipping ahead, reading ahead of the hypnotherapist, will negate the hypnotic effects and may diminish the results you seek. 

There is a lot of psychology in the sequencing of the content. Please focus ONLY on the text that the hypnotherapist is talking about, stay in synch with him, focus on his voice and only on the text he is referencing in that moment. Doing so will provide you with the knowledge, clarity and hypnotic effect necessary for success. 

The instructional and conversational approach, lends well to you asking questions along the way, if you have any.  Feel free to ask questions.

Smoke Client Kit 2021.pdf Smoke Client Kit 2021.pdf
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New Behaviours 2021.pdf New Behaviours 2021.pdf
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