Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for your kind generosity in sharing your success with others. You may even be saving lives. 

In the last 12 years, I've helped 100's of individuals quit smoking. Not once have I felt the need to collect and share testimonials on my site. 

However, with social media's ever-growing prominence and the changing demographics since my 2008 entry into this profession, testimonials are now the expected norm.


Remember that your testimonial should be genuine and heartfelt. A stale and robotic approach will not inspire others. The purpose of sharing your success is to "give back" or "pay it forward." It truly is an act of kindness and generosity on your part.

There are thousands of people just like you, who have been struggling for years trying to quit smoking. And like you, they tried using a wide range of methods, and they kept on failing. Like you, they come to hypnosis out of desperation and as a last resort.

They typically know very little about hypnosis and have lots of fears and worries about it all. Your personal story, in your own words (audio and/or written), will help them gain the confidence to pick up the phone and get started on their path to healing.

Helpful Tips!
To assist you in sharing your story, here are some ideas to consider. This is only a guide. Only draw from this what resonates with your experience.

How many years smoking?
How many years trying to quit?
What methods have you tried?

Why did you choose Mike Proulx?
Here are some ideas:

Website was informative. It made a lot of sense. 

When I spoke with him on the phone, he was kind with a genuine desire to help.

He answered all of my questions in a thoughtful, caring manner.

Knowing that Mike used to smoke two packs a day, I knew he understood what I was going through.

The fact that he specialized in smoking cessation was very important to me.

I liked that it was custom tailored to my needs.

(Please do not copy these words. Be yourself - use your own words)
Testimonial Example
Keep the language simple. Write like you normally talk. Relax about any grammar and spelling mistakes. I will clean it up on your behalf. You will have the final say on any edits before it goes on the website. 

You can send your written testimonial to:

My work as a police officer is very stressful. And I used smoking to calm my nerves. For 17 years, I tried to quit smoking. Nothing worked for me. I've lost count the number of times I tried to quit. I had a long history of failed attempts. I tried the nicotine gum, the patch, and the laser. I must have tried cold turkey a dozen times.  

I was discouraged, to say the least. I stumbled on Mike's website. Read it from top to bottom. He sounded very credible. I called him to ask questions. He was easy going and very informative. His genuine caring nature came across over the phone. The fact that he was once a smoker and that he specializes exclusively on Stop Smoking Hypnosis was also a turning point for me. 

His comprehensive 3-session program is the real deal. I've now been smoke-free for five years. Whenever I'm in the presence of smokers, where appropriate, I share my success story, and I encourage them to visit Mike's website.

My lung capacity is much better. I can now play with my kids without getting out of breath. My family doctor is thrilled that I quit. My whole family is very proud of me.  

 Thank you, Mike, for your caring nature and professionalism. 

Audio Testimonial
Tip: Write down a few keywords to keep you on track with what you want to say. ***DO NOT READ your testimonial - it will sound FAKE.  Speak from the heart. Unrehearsed is best. Just be yourself - imperfection is a sign of authenticity. Pretend you’re talking to your best friend and that you want to help them quit smoking. Once you've got your key points on paper, call the number below (my answering machine) and leave your voice testimonial. You have up to 5 minutes. If you need more time, simply call back and add more.

Call: 613-317-1193 

Listen to the outgoing message, and when instructed to do so, leave your message (testimonial). 

Again, thank you for your kindness and generosity.  

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What will appear on the website is your photo and your first name only, including your text testimonial and or your audio testimonial. No one will contact you. Your privacy is assured. The more heartfelt and detailed your testimonial, the more people will believe its authenticity.