Give the GIFT of HEALTH! Give to family, friends, co-workers, employees, to anyone who is struggling to quit smoking. They can be anywhere in Canada. Sessions are in person in Ottawa, online or by phone across Canada. You could be saving a life or at the very least saving them from serious health issues. Be kind. Share this page with everyone you care about!  ***Be sure to read the entire website to appreciate the incredible value you are getting - and now for a limited time you get it all at 50% off our regular price. 

Once payment is made you will automatically receive an email receipt from our credit card processor: Square. You will also receive an email directly from Mike Proulx, (done manually) within the same day with a colorful PDF image of the gift card that you can print or send via email to the recipient at a time of your choosing.
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Xmas special: $545

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Xmas Gift Card - Stop Smoking Hypnosis


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Terms & Conditions 

Mike Proulx Certified Hypnotherapist is a one-person smoking cessation specialty clinic. To qualify for the guaranteed XMAS 50% discount ($1,090 less 50% = $545), you agree to the following conditions: 

*** The card must be purchased on or before December 20th, 2023.

***This gift card is NONREFUNDABLE. However, as the buyer, you can transfer or sell the gift card within six months of purchase (conditions apply – see below).

*** The gift card recipient must experience the entire 3-session program within 30 days of the first session to maintain the proper psychological momentum and overall effectiveness of the hypnosis program (90% success rate). 

*** The card expires six months after the date of purchase. If the recipient does not use that card promptly, you, as the buyer, can transfer or sell it to someone else before the expiry date (conditions apply - see below). 

*** Reselling and transferring the card: You first contact Mike Proulx to receive specific instructions. When you sell or gift the card to a new recipient, the new recipient must register and be approved by Mike Proulx for the transfer and reselling to be valid. Written approval is based on Mike Proulx’s understanding of the transparency & ethical intentions of the parties involved. 

*** Only YOU, the card buyer, have the right to transfer and resale the card. The card can only be transferred or sold once.

*** Remember that the majority of the recipients are grateful for the gift, and the need for you to transfer or resell the card is highly unlikely. 

This specific message is intended for unscrupulous individuals: Unauthorized credit card chargebacks are not permitted and are a violation of this agreement. Such a breach of contract will result in retrieval of funds by a collection agency. Credit rating will suffer as a consequence. An additional processing fee will also apply. Unscrupulous individuals are forewarned!  (99.5% of our clients honour their commitments.)

Thank you for accepting the terms and conditions and if you have any  questions about these terms and conditions, please feel free to call Mike before purchasing. Transparency & integrity is Mike's highest priority. Thank you.
If you haven't already, please take the time to review the whole website or call Mike for a quick over the phone summary. The more you know, the more confident your purchase. You can start here: www.stopsmokingspecialist.ca

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